Live on December 24, enjoy Vicente Cruz’s telling of “FreyLance’s Beginning; A Story Telling”, a Step on It Presents virtual production.

On Thursday, December 24th on Zoom, Vicente invites you into their home for a live unscripted telling of the chronicles of the black elf Norse. Smuggled out at birth, just before the slaughter of their family. Norse was raised in a utopian city in a world where you can still talk with plants, and fairy folk dominated the planet. Norse became a hero of the city and rose to a level of influence that would span generations.

From the very beginning — where the idea for the story came from — to the telling of the first part of the novel, FreyLance’s Beginning. Join me for a relaxing night of personal history, feasting, drinking, smoking, and perhaps an actual story in there too.

Disclaimer: This event will have adult themes, intoxication, and profanity. For children under 16, adult supervision is recommended.

Date: Thursday, December 24 2020

Time: 6 PM PST

Where: FreyLance’s Beginning Live A Storytelling